What are the maintenance and use methods of conveyor belt?

Issuing time:2019-09-05 16:28

What are the maintenance and use methods of conveyor belt? Today, the staff of the conveyor belt manufacturer will explain it to you, hoping to help you better in use.


1、Conveyor belts should be kept clean in transportation and storage. Avoid direct sunlight or rain and snow, prevent contact with acids, alkalis, oils, &nbsp, machine solvents and other materials.

2、Warehouse temperature and relative humidity should be kept between 18-40 ℃ and 50-80% during storage.

3、During storage, conveyor belts should be placed in rolls, not folded, and should be turned up once a quarter during storage.

4、Conveyor belts of different types and layers of specifications are not suitable to be joined together, and their joints should be bonded.

5、Instructions for the use of conveyor belts: 1. Avoid the rollers being covered by materials, causing rotation failure, preventing material leakage from sticking between the drum and conveyor belt, pay attention to the lubrication of the moving part, but the oil-stained conveyor belt is the main component of the belt conveyor, which plays the role of carrying materials. It is widely used in metallurgy, building materials, wharf, mining and other industries.

Have you learned how to maintain and use the conveyor belt through the staff of the conveyor belt manufacturer? To learn more about conveyor belts, please continue to pay attention to us.

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